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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

"None of the industries of mass media seem to be interested in supporters but without them, football would be nothing. It's all about passion and it's history. It will always be like that. Without passion, football would be dead... Just 22 big strong men running in a green pitch, hitting a ball. Really silly... The supporters are those who transform football into a quality show, bringing their contribution every time..." John King.

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Archived Fanzines

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2009/10 Chants

pdf_icon  North Terrace Chants Booklet 2009 [PDF 2.8 Mb]

bwb history
brigade - "A group of persons organised for a specific purpose"

The birth of the "Blue & White Brigade" occurred on July 30 2005, the night Melbourne notched up their first home 'Victory' against Perth in the pre-season cup of the inaugural A-league season. It was on that evening at one of Melbourne's renowned establishments, Elephant & Wheelbarrow, that a group of 10 mates with similar ideals, set out to establish a european focused style of support at new Melbourne club. All avid followers of the world game, many that attended what is considered the birth of BWB admired the action that took place in the terrace's around the world almost as much as the happenings that took place on the field. The spectacular visuals and the constant chorus like chanting had all been long admired and who now wanted to emulate. Since that landmark night some 4 years ago, the Blue & White Brigade has worked rapidly to cement itself among one of the most respected crews in the A-League. With Tunna as its'Capo' the Blue & White Brigade's appeal can be traced back to its less-structured approach but consistant pro-active manner.

In four seasons the Blue & White Brigade core group has fluctuated from that of 35-40 to its present more moderate membership base,ever maintainin at its core, passionate and active indivduals who ensure the longevity of the group from one season to the next. Despite each season's 'ups & downs' and the evolution of the active scene in Melbourne, the Blue and White Brigade endeavours to provide leadership, transparencey and inclusivness in all matters of supporters rights and the North Terrace.

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Active Support is Real Support

Melbourne has a number of supporter groups with each group dynamics reflecting the style of support. The vast majority of supporters groups reside under the collective umbrella name of the North Terrace. The North Terrace takes its name from the geographical position its supporter groups occupied during the first A-league season at the 50-year old Olympic Park stadium.

While the style of support for the North tTerrace in the early days could be characterised as either European or British respectively, the styles in years gone by are merging to create a unique Australian style of support, neither European nor British.

The oldest North Terrace supporter group (now entering their 5th year) is the Blue White Brigade (BWB). The Blue White Brigade is often mistaken for all that occupy the collective North Terrace but is one of three entities that are often looked towards in terms of ?active support? on match day. The others include Nomadi and the Independent Terrace Alliance (ITA).

With the introduction of home-end membership (HEM) by the FFA in season 2008/2009, the collective North Terrace guided and supported by elements of Nomadi, ITA and BWB, began a peaceful campaign of ?zero active ?support? on game day by not taking up position on Level 1 in the recognized active home-end. After several months the Blue and White Brigade and the unofficial North Terrace Capo ?Tunna? returned to Level 1 to take up the role of leading active support. In the weeks that followed most of the remaining groups (Nomadi, ITA) had returned. With over policing and restrictions placed on the North Terrace style of support the numbers who now reside within in has noticeably decreased. Many are hopeful that with the move to the new purpose built football rectangular stadium (bubble dome), Melbourne Victory's future home ground in 2010, will bring with it a style of support un-matched on the Australian sporting landscape.

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Away Games

For those not travelling interstate, away games are enjoyed with fellow Melbourne supporters at the Charles Dickens Tavern, 290 Collins St Melbourne (near cnr Elizabeth St).



original terrace boys banner

original terrace boys

The Blue & White Brigade no longer offers BWB merchandise to the general public but endorse the sale of Original Terrace Boys (OTB) merchandise through its website.
The Original Terrace Boys use only locally produced Australian made clothing.
The Original Terrace Boys was established to support the North Terrace. In 2008/09 the Original Terrace Boys label helped finance the following.

? BWB grand final tifo
? BWB Youth tifo
? North Terrace Eureka Flag pullover and
? North Terrace megaphone.

To find out more, visit the
original terrace boys website



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otb gears

"The roots of our Soccer Tribe lie deep in our primeval past"

pdf_icon  North Terrace Chants Booklet 2009 [PDF 2.8 Mb]

Latest Offering:

As terrace regulars, it is recognised that everyone?s level of commitment and contribution to the NT is different. What is also recognised is that the North Terrace on game day when working as ONE can reach a level of strength & active support that is unrivalled on the Australian sporting landscape. The following outline the minimum level of support that we should all accept when standing under the North Terrace collective for 90+ MINUTES of football.

  • Respect the Capo(i) and listen
  • Know your chants
  • Show solidarity to the North Terrace community
  • Actively encourage those around you


The Blue & White Brigade (BWB) is an independent supporters group of the Melbourne Victory FC. It receives no financial backing from sponsors or the club, and is run by its members, for its members. BWB is apolitical and does not discriminate against it members based or religion, race or creed. These fundamentals are also reflected in BWB's day to day operation- all members must reject racism and religious vilification in the terrace and when supporting, and must refrain from introducing or promoting political slogans or allegiances. BWB is one group within the North Terrace - the collective of Melbourne Victory FC active supporters. If you want to be informed of NT news, please email to be added to the database